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STRUTZ Arch supports help alleviate common foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, flat feet and fallen arches.

Buy Genuine STRUTZ Products for foot and lower body health including our patented Pro- Arch Support.

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Walking and Simple Exercises That Can Help Ease Foot Pain

February 26, 2015

Walking regularly is a great overall exercise that can help you lose weight and it is also great for your feet. When you walk you put your feet through a range of motion that helps to strengthen and stretch your feet with each step that you take. Walking also helps to improve blood circulation, increase muscles tone and generally put us in a healthier mental state. But, when our feet hurt it’s difficult to do many of the day to day activities we take for granted. Often painful feet are the reason why once active people become inactive. It becomes just too painful to standup and walk around. Getting back on your feet and staying pain free can be as... Continue Reading →

'Tis the Season to be Nice to Your Feet

November 04, 2014

As weather turns colder in autumn and winter we put away our flip-flops and sandals and replace them with warmer footwear in the way of socks, insulated shoes and boots. Since our feet are no longer in public view we tend to pay less attention to our regular foot care. But the contrast of moist, cold weather outside and the dry, warm air inside of our homes and offices can really affect the way our feet look and feel. If you’ve ever experienced dry, cracked, and itchy feet especially in the fall and winter, here are a few simple tips for keeping your feet happy and healthy during the cooler months: • After bathing or soaking your feet use a... Continue Reading →